Many people suffer with symptoms of dizziness or imbalance on getting up in the morning. This is a symptom that becomes more common with age. Other factors that can affect it are:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Medicine/tablets designed to control blood pressure
  • Changes after joint replacement

The usual cause of this problem is a fall in blood pressure when getting out of bed. Patients often describe imbalance or true dizziness on standing. They may say they feel slightly faint. In some instances patients will black out. The problem can cause stress and anxiety.

The first requirement is to get a correct diagnosis. This requires correct measurement of blood pressure and often inadequate technique can lead to incorrect values being recorded. If the problem is due to a drop in blood pressure on standing, it is necessary to look at underlying causes such as anaemia, inadequate monitoring systems in the body, and medications.

A full neuro-otological examination in addition to a comprehensive history by a dizzy expert is required in order to diagnose this condition and offer meaningful treatment.

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