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This is a site for patients with balance disorders, vertigo, dizzy spells or general dizziness, and is structured to allow patients to identify their symptoms, learn more about what is likely to be causing them and identify what treatment is available.

The Balance Doctor site has been designed by Mr. Anil Banerjee, an ENT Consultant and Balance Specialist and reflects the balance clinics he runs.

It is important to understand that information gained from this site is not designed to replace a consultation with a balance or vertigo specialist and patients are always advised to seek professional medical help when confronted by a problem with imbalance, dizzy spells or dizziness in general.

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Balance Disorders Explained Simply

As a specialist in neuro-otology (patients with dizzy spells, imbalance or general dizziness/vertigo) I have treated patients with balance problems or dizziness for over a decade in my private and NHS balance clinics.

As they are leaving a consultation, patients have often asked me where they can find out more information on their balance conditions. Although some good websites are available most use medical language which patients have told me confuses them more than it informs.

I therefore felt there was a need for a 'plain english' explanation of balance disorders and dizzy spells. I hope Balance Doctor fills that gap. Simply put - Balance Doctor is designed to provide information in an accessible form to patients suffering with balance problems or dizziness.

I have purposefully listed the balance conditions according to symptoms rather than their medical titles (which are in parentheses on each page) as I find patients often come to my balance clinic with a diagnosis given elsewhere that doesn’t necessarily fit their symptom pattern.

Alternatively patients come to see me knowing their symptoms, but have been unable to find a website which lists anything that they recognize as similar.

Although the list of balance symptoms is not exhaustive, it captures the majority of balance disorders and vertigo conditions, and I hope, gives a little more insight and reassurance to patients struck down with a sometimes life shattering condition.

For those patients who would rather look up a condition by medical diagnosis I recommend looking at the titles in parentheses.

Anil Banerjee ENT Consultant and Balance Specialist

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